documentary film

                                                                                        ANITA (teaser)

The film follows the story of a Kalbelya dancer from Rajasthan who emancipates herself  from the bondages of tribal customs and the chaos of modernity only  through the power of her dance.

The teaser “Anita” won an award at the Perugia social film festival 2016

The documentary is at editing stage.


                                                           A selection of our previous work 

                                                                          THE HUMAN HORSES

Ibrahim, Ram and Raju are three rickshaw pullers in Kolkata – a city held together by its agony, which has the spasmodic vitality of something that is nearing its end. These men are called “Human Horses” because of the work they do. Actually, they are the last of the lasts,  stubborn proof of the true essence of human dignity.

Editor, Director : Rosario Simanella

HD, 70, 52.

Produced by FUFILM
with Bo Film

                                                                                   MAGAR WOMEN 


In a country where conditions for women are among the world’s worst, the Nangi women fight with the strength of their smile. The Magar Women have a pronounced sense of community, earning their own income, making decisions for themselves and their profound love nature have made their village a model of female emancipation. The film follows them in their everyday activities: the group work and the herbarium, the community meetings and the religious rituals in the “Magic Forest”. The life of a group of women living in Nangi, a tiny village in the rugged mountain ranges of Nepal.

Editor, Director : Rosario Simanella

HD, 58, 35.

Produced by FUFILM
with Bo Film

-Best Documentary at WRPN Women’s International Film Festival, Delaware (United States)  

-“Invisible Women” Award @ Terra Di Tutti Film Festival, Bologna (Italy) – October 2020

                                                                                    GANAPATI CLAYMAN (trailer)

Winner at the Stroud Film Festival 2015


Self-portrait of the sculptor Andrew Wood working on the final stages of a commission. The movie is a platform for the artist to share his thoughts and opinions about his working practice and his joy and passion for music and dance, Hinduism and spirituality. He shares his gratitude for his life as a professional artist for the last 42 years and  daily challenges as he struggles with the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

Directed by Jairo Sansone and Andrew Wood




The Mobile Temple  is a documentary about sacred cows in India, from the symbolism, to the economic and socio-economic considerations/aspects. Far from being a mere religious custom, the respect for the cow in India is part of a broader respect for nature, living in harmony with other living beings.
This was an independent project shot, directed and edited by Jairo Sansone, distributed freely on the net, in ashrams and cultural associations.